Entrepreneurship training programme

LIST is working on a deep tech entrepreneurship course for all LIST employees and portfolio companies.

The training programme is a very comprehensive and explains in detail all aspects that must be addressed when launching a company. An advanced deep entrepreneurship course to help our sciencepreneurs to build the companies of the future in Luxembourg.

If you want to know more and learn key concepts in the launch of a company such as startup wheel, hypothesis validation, cash flow management, etc. this is the course for you. Contact us and let's make it happen.


Our internal investment programme

LIST Ventures manages an internal funding program called InitiaLIST. A dedicated LIST innovation program to LIST employees and operated through internal calls.

InitiaLIST is a dedicated LIST innovation programme open to LIST employees and operated through internal calls. The primary objective is to detect and validate gamechanging, innovative or disruptive ideas linked to LIST’s strategic interests at the early stage of thinking for a short period of time.

If you have a great idea in mind, contact us.

Support & transition period

LIST offers its employees interested in launching a spin-off what we call a "transition period". This transition period is an incubation process whereby LIST employees can dedicate some time to the new company while still being employed by LIST.

The aim of this transition/incubation period is to ensure that everything runs well before you make the final jump into the company. You can see it as a safety net. In addition, during this period, LIST Ventures will train you in all the areas you need to run your company the right way.

We know that launching a company is not easy and that full of risks. That's why we want to be with you in the first years, working side by side, to ensure (together) that we are creating value for Luxembourg.

Our long-term collaborative vision

LIST aims to keep in touch with you even when the spin-off incubation period is over (what we call the transition period internally). The goal is to ensure that you and your company are successful and that we, together,  support Luxembourg's socioeconomic development.

Our main goal as a deep tech Venture Builder is that you become what we call an INML (International Niche Market Leader). This INML approach means continuously developing products and technologies over time to keep your leading position in the market while keeping your competitors aside, while having close tights and roots with Luxembourg. That's why LIST will always be there to support you when needed. If you have a new idea for a new product line, let us know, and let's make it happen together.